This beautiful house was completed on Sept 2017. It has been featured in newspaper and local television. It is the first hybrid-container home built in the city. It uses shipping containers and regular construction, giving it above standard durability and anti-seismic qualities.

Enjoy a gorgeous un-obstructed view of the entire city of Medellin. with its focal point being the golden mile and Poblado area. You can enjoy the quietness of the rural landscape surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful homes which contrast with the city lights.

Features 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, 3 balconies, a gazebo and  on a 10570 square foot lot.

Its located in a very special area called Vereda jardin.  10 minutes from the city.

It is the first home in Medellin using of shipping containers as a base.

located in a gated community,

with an amazing unobstructed view of the whole city..  this house is close enought to the city but far enough to be away from the traffic , noise, smog.

very zen..