Four Bedroom House + Parking 2 + Kitchen. Unit With: —- Small cabin, located on the old road to San Jerónimo. Plot with private surveillance, playground, basketball court, stream of enguayabados, river and 4 swimming pools.


Rooms: 4 (Four) with wooden closet in each bedroom. The bedrooms have an excellent distribution and light, in addition each of the bedrooms has a window to the street with iron fence. And air conditioning. Roof: In wood in excellent condition. Facade And Entrances: In good condition, the main door is forged in metal, with windows that overlook the unit and have a wrought iron fence for the exterior of the windows. House Floor: Floor in Tile. Structure: The structure and foundations of the property are in excellent condition. First Floor 1st Kitchen: Structure in good condition, with wooden cupboards in perfect condition. Living room and dining room: It has a good distribution and breadth.

The floor is in Tile. Patio:

1 (One) with covered roof and excellent light input. Ample perfect space for a Pool.

Bathrooms: 3 (Three) bathrooms in good condition, with its sanitary and sink. They have cabins and are fully plated. Garage: It has a double garage. Electrical Connections: Good condition. Water Connections: Good condition.

.-State of Conservation of the Property: The property is in excellent condition, the foundations are in good condition, external conservation is fine; Internal conservation is very good.

-Immediate Influence Factor: The access roads to the property are good, as is the public transport offer.

.- Construction Facilities: • Electrical installations in good condition.• Pipes, water networks and sewerage are in good condition.


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